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Register For The June 2 – June 4, 2023 Father Daughter Weekend

The Father Daughter Weekend is a chance for you and your daughters to bond, play, grow, connect and talk openly and honestly about your relations. It’s a chance for fathers to connect with other fathers for support and for daughters connect with each other.

Activities are designed to push each Father/ Daughter pair to grow & enrich their relationship. There are separate activities for older and younger daughters, age 13 being the general age line. The weekend gives each of you a chance to play & connect and be with others Dads & daughters in a safe setting. There are playful creative activities games, challenging connecting activities, and time for dads to connect with other Dads and daughters to connect with other daughters. Ages 9 through adult are welcome and we have seen amazing transformations in relationships of all ages. We have had Daughter Attendees ranging from 9 years old to 50+ years old.

Additionally, we have a cute/fun/short talent show on Saturday night so please feel free to bring instrument or props or skit for you and your daughter.

What to bring

    • Open heart
    • Open mind
    • A daughter or a Dad
    • Towels and toiletres
    • Twin size linens
    • Pillow
    • Comfortable clothing
    • Seasonal clothing, as a couple activities are outside
    • Comfortable closed toe shoes
    • A comforting item for each of you
    • All food and lodging will be provided
    • All materials will be provided


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Upon registering, please make a payment for the Father Daughter Weekend here. The total cost all-in is $575.00 for a Father/ Daughter Pair. Button #1 is Payment in full for $575.00 w/ 1, 2, or 3 daughters. Button #2 in a 3- Payment option of $191.00 Each.

Additional Daughters

June 2023 F/D Weekend