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What Our Attendees Say

Don't take our word for it
What some recent attendees say about their experience with Father Daughter Texas

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.

For anybody “on the fence” about attending with their daughter(s), I went last year with my 12 year old and it was an amazing weekend that took our relationship to another level. I can’t wait to get back there and neither can she!

Shane / 2017 Event Member

My name is Allison and I have been to two father daughter weekends, both were amazing. The first one I went to I was 8 years old and I loved it, especially the trust walk and twizzles. When I went the last time, it was just as fun. I am closer to my dad and I can’t wait till the next one.

Allison / 2016 Event Member

Attending the F/D weekend (3 times) was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I highly recommend it for those that want a stronger relationship with their daughter or daughters. Love does truly conquer all and that’s evident on the weekend. It just takes one simple choice to experience and share this love with, the most precious gift in life, our daughters

Stephen P. Bender, Jr / 2014 / 2016 / 2018 Event Member

It was hard, yet by the end of the weekend I felt absolutely amazing and ever so close to my daughter. Today I know that our relationship is much more REAL.

Kevin / 2018 Event Member

What I like about the Father/Daughter weekend is the opportunity Fathers and daughters have to get closer to one another, strengthen bonds, and create new bonds. It's a really great experience and I would recommend it to others!

Ellie / Event Member 2022

My bond with my daughter was strengthened significantly through the time we spent together on this weekend. We laughed and cried with each other and other fathers and daughters. I learned things about my daughter, how she thinks and feels about things, that I did not know before and likely would not have discovered without the work we did, and the wonderful staff support we received on this weekend. We keep coming back each Summer and learn more! I highly recommend this for any father who wants to connect on a deeper level with his daughter.

Ben / Event Member 2022

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